Company concept

We are an independent family business situated in the heart of Switzerland, and we have been providing our clients with a wide range of installation work and products for the railway infrastructure since 1946.

You can count on our leading company with international charisma, due to our dedicated concentration in this specialised field over many decades. The technical knowledge and skills of our railway specialists are at your call so you can achieve your goals: an efficient and trouble-free railway service.

Quick and versatile:
As a small niche player, we are accustomed to responding to our customers wishes exceptionally quickly and flexibly.

Customer and solution orientated:
Because we are not only manufacturers, but also install on a daily basis, we are in step with actual practice, and can relate to the problems of our clients. Solution orientated improvement suggestions can be put into practice immediately.

Innovative and high quality:
We are striving constantly to improve our products. We are innovative and only deliver high-grade products and services.

Valuable and worthy:
We consider our staff our prized assets, so we constantly train and develop them. We also provide for a trusting work atmosphere and set great importance on the respect and dignity of our individual staff members.

Health and Safety:
The wellbeing of our staff is an important issue to us. All staff take care to comply and implement the regulations for occupational safety and health protection.

Conforming to the law and safe:
We abide by the current standards and regulations and behave safely in every work situation.

Fair and reliable:
We always behave fairly towards our customers, suppliers and competitors and strive for long term partnerships.

Considering environmental issues and ecologically sustainable:
We make decisions and take actions only by respecting our environment at all times.

Profit orientated and financially sustainable:
We invest in our future and strive for economical sustainability.