A success story spanning over 75 years


  • Bulk order delivery GAKAZ into USA
  • Education of 3 Catenary-experts and 2 Securaty-guards


  • Bringing the new clamp press into service
  • First exports to Egypt


  • Opening of the sandblasting and coating plant in Brunnen


  • Montage of flexballs in Zurich area



  • Start-up of rail wagon Vtms K18S with 14m- lifting platform 3TL
  • Start-up of a Twistlock rail wagon with 14m- lifting platform 3TL
  • First exports to Senegal


  • Start-up of Vtms K17 PKR265
  • World innovation: Secession of rail grooves by flame cutting


  • Company Anniversary 70 years



  • First exports to Finland
  • Education of employees


  • Lifting up of cover for track switch motors on the highspeed line Mattenstetten-Rothrist
  • Installation of Rail Attachment Boxes for Axle Counters on the Frauenfeld-Wil railway


  • Rigi Mountain Railway: Building of new station in Goldau
  • Company name is changed from “A. Kaufmann AG” to “KAGO AG”. Domicile is moved from Zug to Goldau. Proudly the 65th anniversary of the company was celebrated!
  • First exports to France.
  • Jubilee magazine “Our Business is Rail Networks”


  • KAGO also offers railway security personnel.
  • Tram Zurich: Construction of a narrow gauge trailer in record time.
  • Airport tunnel Zurich: Cleaning and impregnation of all high-tension insulators.


  • Tunnel Wasserfluh (SOB): Installation of cable protection pipes and safety fences for both portals.
  • NEAT installation site Biasca: Cable pulling and connection works for switch heatings, axle counters and track-switches.


  • Delivery and installation of Radio Communications System with suspension KATRA-Tandem in three OeBB Arlberg tunnels in Austria.
  • Completion of the Radio Communications System and the rail return and grounding works in three SBB Axen tunnels.
  • Rail return and grounding works in tunnels of the TGV high-speed line Bourg-en-Bresse – Bellegarde in France.


  • New Radio Communications System with KATRA-Tandem suspensions in all tunnels of the Gotthard north and south ramp.
  • Completion of the rail return and grounding works, the rail contact boxes and the tunnel radio communication cables in stage 1A2 (Oerlikon-Flughafen) of the Glatttalbahn.
  • Delivery of GSM-R suspension KATRA Tandem for the OeBB Arlberg tunnel.


New Radio Communications System in the Simplon tunnel
High-Voltage Insulation of Kreuzliberg tunnel ceiling near Baden station


  • In the mean-time KAGO clamps have been introduced in a lot of additional countries: Denmark, England, Canada, Croatia, Luxemburg, Slovenia and the US.


  • Market launch of the new rail attachement box (heavy version).
  • Mounting of the first columned cable duct in Switzerland.
Two rail attachement boxes (heavy version, type deep) on the Glatttal railway project in the northern Zurich area.
Columned cable duct on the line Murten-Sugiez (Right hand side, in parallel to the track).


  • Scheduled work at the new line Mattstetten – Rothrist (signalling, mast anchoring, cable laying etc.).
Construction and mounting of special inclination boards in tunnels.
Construction and mounting of shoulder coverings in the area of the fast speed switch.


  • Participation in emergency renovation of “Axen Seeseite” tunnels: All rail return and grounding work, installation of all tunnel radio communications cables and railings.
  • Market launch of the new KATRA plus tunnel radio communications cable installation system.
  • Order to equip all tunnels in Norway with the KATRA suspension system during the following years.


  • Participation in large-scale “Zimmerberg” tunnel project (second double track Zürich-Thalwil): All rail return and grounding work, mounting of tunnel radio communications cables.



  • First exports of KAGO contact clamps to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia.


  • Participation in large-scale Vereina tunnel project: installation of tunnel radio communications cabling, and all rail return and grounding work.



  • The new corporate logo features the Metal and Electrical divisions separately, since they both became legally independent in 1998.


  • Rail return and grounding work, tunnel illumination, high-tension cables and catenary on the Neuchtâtel-Yverdon and on the Neuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fonds line.
  • Rhätische Bahn catenary renovation in the Engadine and on the Albula line.

    Market launch of the new KATRA tunnel radio communications antenna cable mounting system.


  • Overall grounding concept for Basel SBB locomotive depot: door earthing, feed cables, switchgear mountings, etc.

    Participation in large-scale Grauholz tunnel construction project: Installation of all rail return and grounding leads.


  • Catenary renewal on the Mittelthurgau-Bahn from Weinfelden to Berg.

    Pre-assembled catenary masts on the way to their destination.

1991 – 1996

  • Installation of tunnel radio communications antenna cabling throughout the Basel – Göschenen piggy-back corridor.

1990 – 1995

  • The KAGO contact clamp conquers the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Israel.


  • Participation in large-scale Zurich suburban railway project: development of a modular mounting system for station signboards, installation of tunnel radio communications antenna cabling, rail return and grounding leads, high-voltage roof insulation in Zurich Museum underground station, heavy-duty mountings and safety barriers.

1983 – 1988

  • Global market conquest of the KAGO contact clamp begins: following the various Swiss railway companies, its cost-reduction potential is discovered in Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Taiwan.

    Alois Kaufmann senior at clamp production in 1984

1979 – 1984

  • Participation in large-scale reconstruction project for the Hauenstein basis tunnel: installation of radio communications antenna cabling and niche fittings, heavy-duty mountings, rail return and grounding leads.

1974 – 1980

  • Prototype development in 1974 of the first electrical rail contact clamps. In the following years this concept was systematically improved to market maturity. Since 1980 Kaufmann contact clamps under the proprietary brand “KAGO” are approved equipment of the Swiss Federal Railways, with an extremely good track record.


  • Participation in the large-scale Heitersberg tunnel project: high-speed catenary installation and electrical engineering.



  • Conversion into a joint stock company to include the sons Alois, René and Lorenz Kaufmann.
  • The new logo “AK” against a signal-orange background stands for uncompromising quality in railway technology and structural steelwork.



  • This red Austin oldtimer held all the traction motors and generators required for welding electrical rail connections.

1953 – 1958

  • The first two structural steelwork plants opened for catenary masts and yokes among other products.



  • Company founded by Alois and Rosa Kaufmann for rail wiring, grounding and high-tension installation services.
  • The original logo with catenary mast and flashover spark, symbolizing the wide offering in this area.